Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Big News!

So I can't keep a secret about myself worth a darn! If you're friends with me on Facebook then you already know this, but I got a job as a receptionist with Weight Watchers!!!!! I am being hired a little early as I have not yet reached my goal weight but I have six months to take the remaining weight off and now I have tons of motivation to do so because this job has been a dream for a while now. I will start as a receptionist and once I have reached lifetime membership we may discuss going into a meeting leader role!

I mentioned at the beginning of the new year that I had some goals for 2011 but that I didn't want to share them until they happened so that people weren't asking me why I hadn't accomplished them. Well, working for WW was a goal for 2011 and achieving that within the first month of the new year has me pretty energized for what the rest of the year may hold!

Now, I'm a broke college student right now so any money coming in will be nice, but I'm not going to get rich with WW. But, I believe in this program so much that I'd do this even if they weren't going to pay me. When I was asked why I want to work for WW I had more answers than she probably needed. There is no limit to the good things I can say about this program and how I feel now. Part of working for them is keeping myself accountable. If I have to keep myself at a healthy weight to stay employed, then there is a lot of motivation to stay on track. But way more important that that is that I want to get others to where I am! I want others to see how much better they will feel and how much they can do that they probably never thought they could. If someone suggested a year ago that I'd be running now, I'd have asked them what was chasing me. I had resigned myself to being overweight and had so many excuses for staying that way that I never would have guessed I'd be over 50 pounds lighter and working for the company who helped me get there.

So, if you're thinking at all about this program please let me know! Ask me questions, come to a meeting with me! I want everyone to be as happy with themselves as I am now!

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