Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm a Poor Role Model

I've had quite a few people contact me to ask my about Weight Watchers over the past few days. I love to tell people about the program because I believe in it so much and I know it can help so many people.

But I feel like a terrible role model right now. I've gained 5-6 pounds since Christmas and just can't get myself back in the groove for some reason. It has nothing at all to do with the program, it's just me. I know I have to get myself back on track though or that 5-6 pounds is going to have 45 more friends show up. I can't have that! I feel too good and frankly I can't afford new clothes!

I e-mailed my mother just a little bit ago to tell her I was planning to skip my meeting tomorrow. I've never intentionally missed a meeting since I joined in October 2009. But I'm so frazzled and so down on myself right now that I fear seeing another gain (and I've already weighed myself here, so I know I gained). Part of me thinks I might just have a total breakdown if I see more weight creeping on.

But I've already changed my mind. If I've learned anything in the past year it's that if I don't go to the meeting, then I will fall of the wagon even more. I will skip another meeting and quit tracking and then all of my weight will come back. So, while I may be a poor role model for all of those people asking me about the program...I'm going to my meeting tomorrow. I'm going to face the music and see what the damage is. I'm going to go to Subway and have a healthy lunch with my friends, solve the problems of the world (as we always do) and then hoist myself back up on the wagon!

Wait...maybe I'm not such a bad role model after all!


  1. Good for you! I hate straying from my program. I sometimes have a hard time finding my way back but I'm always glad I do. And it doesn't make you a poor role model. It makes you human and a very good role model because this is what happens to all of us. We can't be "perfect" all the time. We just do the best we can. And you do! You inspire so many people and you keep it real. Yo.

  2. Good for you! Facing the truth is always the right choice! You'll get out of your minor slump and back to being happy with your progress in no time. I know from experience that being negative about a small slip can lead to a long slide, so the best thing to do when you fall is get right back up. :)