Monday, January 16, 2012

First Weeks of 2012

So how are things going for everyone in 2012? I don't make resolutions for the new year, so I haven't broken any of them yet! I always have things I'd like to accomplish, but I don't set out any specific plan...perhaps I should.

I do feel like I need to do some more paring down this year. The great purge of 2011 was a good start, but we still have a whole lot of stuff that we don't use. I also really need to do some more digital purging because it still feels like I spend way too much time dealing with that sort of thing.

The first weeks of 2012 brought with it some residual stuff from 2011 that I'm not comfortable talking about yet. I do plan to share it with you in the coming months, but I need to be sure everything is settled and I'm comfortable with how to approach it. So there's something to look forward to!

I'm also planning to start yet another blog dealing with health and fitness. I'm passionate about helping people become their healthiest and feel like I need a forum to help those who may not have the money to join a gym or Weight Watchers.

I also want to read a whole lot more in 2012 so maybe I'll discuss a few books. Who knows, but I hope you stay tuned!