Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Meat Market

Interesting title given my vegetarian lifestyle no? Well I'm speaking of the dating scene...not an actual meat market. I was in a bit of a funk last night and a friend suggested we go we went! We had a blast, but the bar scene is such a funny place to be. It's fascinating to watch men and women interact in such an unnatural environment. I've known people who have met in bars and been very happy, but they're rare. I mean, in what world does it make sense to try to start a relationship in a dark crowded room where you have to scream at each other and chances are you are heavily intoxicated?

Though are you any more likely to meet someone in a more normal setting that is a better fit. I've heard two very funny dating stories in the past few days from people who met their date in a much better situation and still ended up left with that WTF feeling! It's amazing that people ever end up finding someone to settle down with. Then once they do....well that's a whole different post.

I do want that one person to be with forever and so I keep going. But I'm starting to understand the wisdom of a couple of my male friends who suggest that it's all so unnatural and that's why we have so much trouble. If nothing else, there are a lot of funny stories to come out of the process.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30 Day Shred

You may have heard of the 30 Day Shred workout DVD, but if you haven't you've likely heard Jillian Michaels who is the trainer in the video. I purchased this DVD well over a year ago when I was at least forty pounds heavier than I am now. I made it through about five minutes of the workout before I was ready to die the first time I tried to do it. I never pulled it out again.

Now almost sixty pounds lighter I've put it back in the DVD player. I friend of mine posted on Facebook looking for someone to do it with her to keep her motivated. She'd done it a while back with great results and wanted to try it again. Since I knew there was no way I'd do it without someone holding me accountable so I agreed as did a few other ladies.

I meant to start writing about it on day one, but kept forgetting. So, now it is day three and I promise that without these other women pushing me to check in every day there is NO way I would have done it after the first day. But it's day three and while every inch of my body is sore I plan to keep going.

I really hope it's worth it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

He's Dead

Instead of being sound asleep like I should be given how nuts my day will be tomorrow I sit awake waiting to hear from the President about the death of Bin Laden.

This isn't something I ever thought I'd hear. I mean, I assumed he'd die, but I suspected it would be from illness or age, not that we'd actually kill him. But it has happened. And I feel kind of weird about it all.

I remember the events of 9/11 like it happened yesterday. I was awake with my first son and for weeks to follow I watched everything I could about the event. I obsessed about it. I wondered what it would be for the beautiful little baby in my arms that might have to live in terror like children in other countries. It terrified me.

So now what? His death doesn't change the fact that many people hate our country and still want to carry on his mission. But do I feel a little safer? Maybe. People who follow men like Bin Laden quite often do not have the ability to carry on the mission when the figurehead of that mission is gone. It's why men like Bin Laden, Saddam and Hitler end up with followers...they have the ability to brainwash people who are already on the border of mental stability. But then when the brainwasher is gone they go looking for something else and abandon the mission of the person they were following. I could be wrong though. There could be unbelievable backlash that makes us wish he'd never been killed. I suspect the former though.

I have some mixed emotions though. I believe this man deserved to die and die in a most horrible manner. I'm glad that the families of the victims have this closure. But I'm a pacifist and I don't relish violence of any kind. So part of me feels just a little sick for being really really happy this man is dead and hoping he suffered.

Oh and I still like the President. He pretty much rocks.