Sunday, April 25, 2010

Books Should Be Written

Yes they should. Books should be written about my mad procrastination skills! Seriously, it's insane. I used to be pretty on top of things when I was working full time, but now that I have no set schedule and work is different every week I'm a mess! Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. I really prefer this over the alternatives (OK, I'll take full time pay) but I need to force myself to at least try to stick to some sort of schedule so that things get done. So here's the rundown for the week...

About 10 hours of work in four stores (two are 20 minutes away) squeezed in somewhere
Zumba classes on Tuesday and Friday
Brownies delivered to my son's school Wednesday morning and lunch with friends in the afternoon
Lunch with my son on Thursday, then Weight Watchers in the evening since I can't go in the afternoon
Hopefully doing something with my best friend on Friday
Archery for my oldest on Saturday

Doesn't sound too bad, but I also need to fit in...
Wax that must be rescheduled since I can't go Thursday
Car inspection and oil change HAS to be done this week
Call my doctor about the fact that my hair is falling out and I'm narcoleptic and pray he doesn't make me come in to see him
Four papers for school and a final exam as well as turning in an extension form and $150 for one of the classes since I didn't do anything for the class (with the exception of the paper I'll do this week to get the extension)
I have a ton of plants on my front porch that are going to die if I don't get them in my garden
Online work for extra money since I'm as broke as they come right now

I'm tired now. Is the week over?

But honestly, I LOVE my life and things may be crazy, but they just keep getting better!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Have you hugged your planet today? I have to admit that I didn't do anything special to celebrate the day. Not eating meat is all I did I guess. I did turn down a plastic bag, but other than that, nothing monumental. I had things I wanted to do, but as with most things I want to do right now, they just aren't happening.

It was an interesting day though. I lost one pound at Weight Watchers, but because I gained last week it was really only 4/10 of a pound. I found that I'm likely not eating enough. I really upped my exercise this past week but I didn't eat enough of my weekly points. I'm going to try eating more this week and see if it helps. Fingers crossed it doesn't hurt!

I've felt like total crap for a few months now. I practically have narcolepsy and my hair is falling out by the handful. This is usually an indication that my thyroid medicine needs to be adjusted. So, I had the blood work done and my doctor says my medication is OK. So, is it the diet? Well I'm thinking it could be, but not in the way most people would assume. I recently learned that soy is really not good for people with a thyroid problem. I'm not eating a ton of it, but my intake has increased enough that I'm thinking it might be impacting it. On top of that, I also learned that a lot of commercial veggie burgers have a toxic chemical called Hexane in them. So, I'm thinking that it's time to cut out the soy. I'm also going to research more ways to get iron in case I'm anemic.

So, no meat, still working to cut out the dairy, and cutting out the soy. Looks like I might be heading toward a mostly raw food diet soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday

Everyone is always waiting for the weekend right? This week was pretty crazy for me, but the weekend isn't going to be any less crazy so I'm not sure it makes a difference that it's Friday. I'm getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to help my friend shoot baseball pictures for tons of little children. It's going to be crazy and I'm going to be exhausted. I'm going to spend all day Sunday trying to get caught up in school. I have two classes that I've done no work for. It's not because I didn't want to do the work, I was actually looking forward to the classes, but I took way too many classes with way too much reading in the same semester. I e-mailed one of the professors to explain to her what happened and she (without my asking) told me she would give me a WP which is a passing withdraw. That means I have to take the class again, but it won't impact my GPA. I decided to give it a go with the other class as well so we'll see what she says. Keep your fingers crossed because I've never failed a class before and I don't want to start now.

Today was an interesting food day. I had to do an Easter to Mother's Day card changeover in a store that takes a long time, but I thought I'd be done in plenty of time for lunch. So, I was craving a donut really bad and decided to splurge and get one. I knew it was a lot of WW points, but I figured I was going to be fine because I'd be home for lunch and dinner. WRONG! I was at my store from 8-1:30 and by the time I was done I was shaking I was so hungry. Literally the only place to eat near the store was Burger King. They have a veggie burger there so I gave it a shot. It was really good! I didn't think about what they might put on it though and they loaded it with mayo. So, it ended up being a ton of points as well and blew my day. But, I still managed to have a good meal without having to get a salad and even though I don't love fast food restaurants, at least I know I have an option when I go there. Next time I'll have them hold the mayo though!