Friday, January 7, 2011

Hugh Hefner Is the Man!

I am a HUGE fan of Hugh Hefner! Is that shocking because I'm a woman? Maybe. I don't have a desire to meet many celebrities but if I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hefner I would jump at the chance! A visit to the Playboy mansion and I just might faint! I guess he's a strange person to admire given that he's built an empire around naked women. But that's why he's awesome. He embodies living life doing what you love. He loves beautiful women and he made a whole career out of them. Not only that but he did it in an era that was less than receptive to his material and tried very hard to get rid of him. He's always kept things classy and respectful and that's why thousands of women try to get in the magazine every year.

He recently announced his engagement and that has caused some people to say some pretty nasty things about him across the interwebz. My response to that...jealous much? This will be his third marriage. Now, if you are bothered by people getting married more than once then that's a big deal, but really for a man who does what he does for a living, three marriages seems pretty good given how many times he could have been married. He has four children, also a pretty low number of kids considering and his only daughter runs (or she did the last time I checked) the company now.

The man is getting up there in years and his girlfriends are always very young and very hot. So why are they with him? Golddiggers? The majority of men Hef's age with a regular mans income could not hope to get the women that he does. So OF COURSE his money and who he is plays a huge role in the relationships he has. He's not stupid and I'm sure he is very well aware of that fact. I'm pretty sure he doesn't care either. Given that he's only chosen to marry three of the women in his life I believe he is pretty selective. He knows the money is a factor but I believe he is pretty certain that there is genuine feeling there as well before he makes that commitment. He only just divorced his second wife last year and if you saw her interview in the E! True Hollywood story about him you know that they are still very close.

I think people assume the wrong thing about men like Hef. He has more money than he could ever spend in his lifetime and his family will always be well taken care of. He doesn't strike me as the least bit stingy from what I saw in the show he had for a season or two with his former girlfriends Holly, Kendra and Bridgett. On the contrary it seemed as though he took great joy in giving them expensive gifts and trips and just making sure that they had everything they could ever want or need. So I see no issue with his relationships. The women are there willingly and he likely knows exactly what the score is. If it makes them happy then who the hell cares?

I think Hugh Hefner is the man if it means I need to turn in my feminist card then so be it! I wasn't really using it anyway.

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