Monday, January 3, 2011

Almost Time for Classes

The college I'm attending posted a Facebook status the other day reminding us that classes resume next week! Holy panic! Last semester was horrible for me. It was entirely my fault that it was horrible, but it was horrible and set me back another semester. I just didn't care. I wasted time and didn't do well in my courses. I'm already feeling anxious about this semester, but I'm determined to keep up with things this time and do better in my courses. I have three classes plus one that I received an extension for due to my slacker ways. Thank goodness I have a nice professor.

I wish I could say that I'm looking forward to these classes, but I'm really not. I love literature and I love to read, but this degree has been stretching on forever (started in 1997) and I'm just over it. I know that should make me want to finish it more...but it doesn't. The only thing I look forward to is buying the books.

So, about the books! That's the best part anyway. A very dear friend of mine gave me his Kindle when he upgraded to an iPad and that has made a huge difference in the cost of my books for classes. So many of the classics are available for free on the Kindle and it's so nice to be able to get them and take them with me everywhere so I can get more done.

The Kindle proved to be even more helpful than I expected too. My youngest is a very strong reader, but he really doesn't enjoy it that much. His brother will read anything you put near him, but he just doesn't enjoy it. He's required to read for school and that's always a bit of a struggle. Even when he's reading he gets distracted so easily and usually only finishes a chapter in the time he has to read. He had an orthodontist appointment today right after school and the drive is a little over fifteen minutes, plus the wait in the office. I bought a book for his reading level for the Kindle and gave it to him to read while we drove. I told him it would get that part of his homework done. He LOVED it! He kept reading once we got to the office even with all of the cool stuff they have there, and read all the way home too! He managed to finish three chapters! I'm buying more books for him that's for sure!

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  1. That's great that you found a way for him to love reading!

    Good luck in your classes this semester!