Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stuff from the Weekend

This was not one of my better weekends. I didn't have the boys on Friday night or at all on Saturday like I normally do, so I was really missing them this morning when it was time to come home. Then they didn't want to come home :( Parenting is hard, but parenting after a divorce is twice as hard. My ex is truly a great guy and even though we fight sometimes and don't always agree on things, I could have it a whole lot worse...and so could he (he might even admit that). I am very fortunate that he wants to have a very active role in their lives. I am thankful for that since I know so many women who don't have that for their kids. Heck, my own father is a total deadbeat. But things can get complicated when both of us want to be with them all the time, and that clearly can't happen.

So we're in this position now where they are old enough to give their input, but not old enough to totally make the decisions about everything. Well, I don't think they're old enough, but I suspect my ex does. So it's a fine balance of trying to be fair to each other and the children and today was just frustrating. There's also something going on with my oldest and how he's feeling about me right now and I can't get him to really tell me what's going on so that's complicating things even more. If anyone said parenting is easy, then they've clearly never tried. It's amazing how two little people can make me question my every thought and action! I wouldn't change a thing though, truly I wouldn't.

Something very good did happen this weekend though, I got a new Kindle!!!! I had a Kindle that was given to me by a very good (and very generous) friend after he upgraded to an iPad and learned I wanted a Kindle. I wasn't sure how much I would use it, but I love technology and it did not disappoint. Especially when I learned that many of the novels I have to read for school are free (I guess because they're so old). It was saving me a ton of money on books each semester. But clumsy me, I plugged it in the other day and had it sitting on my desk to charge where I forgot about it and then rolled my chair over the cord. Let's just say that the outcome was not pretty!

I felt like crap of course, and wouldn't you know, the giver of said Kindle happened to text me at that exact moment to ask me if anything exciting was happening. He should know better than to ask me something like that! It seems like I always have some drama going on. Anyway, this very kind friend replaced my Kindle! Now I have a shiny new one which my youngest son is enjoying as I type this. I'm not exactly sure how many times I can thank him before he tells me to shut up, but I figure I'll go a few more past that ;) I love, love, love it! It's so nice to have the ability to put most of the books I need for school on it and take them with me wherever I go. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE paper books and will always live in a house that looks like a library threw up in it. But, the Kindle is a very helpful addition to my world!

So, when you read this...Thank You!!!!

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