Friday, January 14, 2011

New Family!

I should never ever walk into our SPCA...EVER! But, my mom works there and from time to time I just have to stop by and look. I can't have a cat or dog in my apartment, but caged animals are OK and my landlord loves me and knows I'm responsible. We had lizard for a while and he died. After that I said only fuzzy pets. So we bought a guinea pig whose name is Max and he's awesome!

Then two years ago, just days before Christmas, we went to visit and they had a lovebird. I have always been a bird lover, but could never really afford the larger birds. She had been there a while and the employees were tired of hearing her squawk so they were very happy when I took her home. Her name is Tweety and we thought she was a boy when we got her...but then she laid an egg. She is loud and obnoxious, but I love her and as soon as she sees me, she tries to get as close to me as she can. I can't hold her yet, but I'm working on it.

And today the boys and I went in and they still had almost all of the gerbils that they'd had the last time I visited. They mom was brought in because she had been bought with another gerbil who was supposed to have been a girl, but turns out, it was a boy and she got pregnant. So, a bunch of gerbil babies were born at the shelter. We took the mom home with us and named her Mum and one of her daughters who we named Coal. Aren't they beautiful!

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  1. Awww I had a black gerbil when I was a kid named Charcoal :)