Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lots of stuff on it's way out!

This was a good evening for getting rid of stuff! I decided to go through some of the cabinets I avoided last night. I wanted all of the upper cabinets finished and I did that plus one lower. I also did the other two drawers (but forgot to take a picture of one). These before and afters aren't quite as impressive as the others because these contain things I really do use on a pretty regular basis. Not to mention that some of this stuff was layers deep so you can't really see everything. But, a whole lot of stuff did come out.

The flower bowls in these pictures do not get used all that often, but my aunt painted them for me and I refuse to get rid of them. I said I was paring down, I didn't say I'd go full blown minimalist!

These cabinets go pretty far back, so there was a lot of stuff here that you couldn't even see.

This one is the one I'm most proud of. I still might get rid of more plastic stuff in here, but everything that is left does get used. I had held onto that notion that you have to have an eight piece place setting so I'd kept an eight piece setting. I decided that was insane, kept four of everything except the mugs and now I'm happy.

I had things in this drawer that not only had I never used, but I didn't even know what they were!

Really only got rid of a few things here because the rest of this stuff is in heavy rotation. Giving my mom my salad spinner and George Foreman. Threw a way a sandwich maker that was broken. I guess I do keep some broken things after all!

While part of me wishes I could get rid of even more here, I think I made good progress and am left with things I actually use. I may pare down more as I see what I do use over the next few months, but this was progress. I only have two more cabinets in the kitchen, but one is the worst of all. I hope I survive!

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