Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Indecision Of It All!

I'm resisting the urge to tear my house apart all at once quite well. I'm making myself take it cabinet by cabinet and stopping when I feel the need to pull something out of another cabinet that I know I want to get rid of. Tonight I've done two cabinets so far. Now, keep in mind that due to the amount of stuff I have some of my placement of things doesn't make much sense. I will put things in more logical homes at some point, but right now I'm taking before an after pictures with what came out of each cabinet.

It feels amazing to get rid of that much and it's getting easier every time! I did hesitate for a while over a vase. It's in the bag to be donated, but it may end up going back in the cabinet. It's really beautiful and while I don't use it often, it has been used, and I love it. So we'll see what I think about it tomorrow.

I'm also struggling with some other items, and I expect this to continue. Part of my goal in all of this is to give myself the freedom to do more things that I enjoy and spend more time with the boys. They love to cook and I need to cook more meals at home. I have a lot of cooking items (I have a lot of everything remember) and the first question of what to keep came with my silicone molds.

None of these have ever been used. I purchased them on clearance after the holiday in which they were for sale, but they've been in the cabinet since. Now, my first thought is to get rid of them since they've never been used. But, will I use them once my focus has fully shifted? I know the theory is often to get rid of it and replace it if someday you ever need it, but I can't really afford to do that right now. So, to stay or to go?


  1. I'd say keep it. I'm a collector of kitchen crap and there are quite a few things I haven't used yet. But part of the problem is that I can't easily access the stuff I need, so I don't bother digging for it, therefore not using it. If I had it accessible, it wouldn't be junk.

  2. Keep it for 6 months. If you still haven't used them in that time, then donate. It's not *that* huge a pile, so for 6 months it won't be a big deal.