Saturday, August 13, 2011

Feeling Liberated!!!

When I started this process the anxiety of it all was weighing heavily on me. I'm still anxious about it, but less now about getting rid of the things, but more about getting it done faster! I have moved into a place of really feeling liberated and now I want more of that feeling! It's amazing to be able to put dishes away without having to take everything out of the cabinet to do so.

Tonight has been especially great so far. I decided to go through a cabinet that just makes me insane. It has a lot of frequently used items, as well as items that I would likely use a lot if I could get to them, but don't because I can't. This cabinet was so bad that things were falling out of it when I opened the doors. What you cannot see is that it goes way back to the right because it is next to my stove, so there was a ton of stuff back there. Only three things remain out of sight now.

This is the first time where I really didn't put everything back to show perspective. That's because I really wanted to move things to locations where I could use them since this stuff is used a lot. First was the plastic stuff. Remember my candle cabinet? Looks like a lot, but I got rid of a ton and these all get used a fair amount. There are a few that may go still, but we'll see.

And this is what went back into the cabinet. I also added my panini press, quesadilla maker, and the waffle and cupcake makers. They were either on the counter or hidden in another cabinet where they were hard to get to.

I cannot tell you how happy I am about this and how good I feel!

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