Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Day After

So it is the day after my first big (little) purge. Big in that for once I really got rid of stuff instead of keeping things I thought I might use. This time I only kept what I know I will use, and if it doesn't get used in the next few months, it's gone too. Little, in that I know it was just one cabinet and I have a ton of stuff ahead of me. That fact is rather daunting and probably why I haven't done this before.

When people come in to start their weight loss journey we give them a 5% and a 10% goal. These are small goals and we try to get them to focus on those goals rather than the total amount of weight they need or want to lose. I have to take the advice I give others in this situation. I can't focus on the whole house, or the anxiety will take over and nothing will get done. This could take a long time and I have to be OK with that. Honestly though, I think this might be harder than my weight loss journey.

But when I woke up this morning I did not have an urge to go put anything back in the cabinet that was slated for donation, so that must be a good sign. There was a little sense of unease, but it's already being replaced with the idea of what things will look like once the stuff is pared down. I even have some friends who are talking about doing the same thing, so I may have a little support team doing this with me.

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