Saturday, August 6, 2011

I started!

So immediately after writing my post about scaling down and getting rid of stuff I felt like I just had to tackle that candle cabinet!

I went in there and pulled everything out of it. But the whole time I was pulling things out I was feeling a lot of anxiety. Brand new candles in their packaging and I was thinking I should keep them to give away as gifts. I powered through it and got all of it out....then called my mom to tell her what a nutcase I am to be having an anxiety attack over candles. We kept talking and I got it all pared down to what I think I will actually use.

It probably won't stay in this cabinet now, but I wanted to show the perspective. All of what I took out will go to yard sale and goodwill. I have to say, I feel lighter already.


  1. LOL I was just thinking yesterday morning that I can't wait to move so I can throw crap away. I've been getting rid of "junk" all year and it seems like the more I ditch, the more we bring in. I'm tired of stuff. I can't even imagine how much clutter and less space I would have if not for my Kindle and recipe software. I should take a picture of my one display case mounted on the wall - we got it from a store going out of business - that's just full of collector knives and dragons and NASCAR junk. The only things "worth" keeping are the stuff from our wedding (candles, wine glasses, etc. - and even that stuff is questionable) and the Survivor t-shirt we had autographed by Big Tom and Lex (7 years ago!). It's 12 shelves full of JUNK that I want to get rid of, but it's not mine. ARGH!

  2. That's a tough one Becky and something I'm not looking forward to dealing with in this journey. The "sentimental" and collection stuff. I'm lucky in that, it is all mine and that I don't have a spouse to get on board with the idea, but I keep everything even remotely sentimental. Some of the candles in that cabinet were given to me as wedding presents 12 years ago! I'm sure it's going to be tough.