Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Day!

I didn't get an decluttering done yesterday and sadly may not today either. But, today was a big day in my weight loss journey. I switched my weigh in day to Wednesday due to schedule conflict so I had planned to weigh this morning. However, the person who was supposed to work at the center couldn't, and so I went in to cover for her. I decided I still had to know my weight for the week, so I hoped on the scale and couldn't believe my eyes! I was down 4.6 pounds and had finally hit a milestone I've been wanting to see forever. I've now lost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers!!!!!!

Now granted, I gave blood two days ago and I've been under a ton of stress, so I won't be shocked to see some of this return next week, but for today the number is 60 and I am thrilled!!!! On top of that there's a member who I know has been struggling with small losses (which is how I lost most of mine) and several times our paths have crossed at just the right time and I've managed to keep her going. Today was another one of those days. We had more time to chat and I think I was able to help her understand some things about her losses and give her some more hope. Fingers crossed she sticks with it and is able to feel as good as I do some day!

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