Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things You Don't Spend Money On

I read a post on another blog that listed ten things the writer doesn't spend money on. I didn't save the link so I can't share her list but I thought I'd see if I could make my own.

  1. eBooks - I can't say that I have never purchased an eBook but almost every book on my Kindle I got for free. There are tons of websites outside dedicated to sharing free books. Quite a few of them are books I would have paid for but waited long enough and didn't have to. 
  2.  New Clothing - This is more recent because I used to shop a lot. The vast majority of my wardrobe came from the thrift store or as a hand-me-down. There are a few times where I do buy something new for myself if it is majorly on sale and I need it. Recently I needed some tank tops and Old Navy had them on sale for $2. My wardrobe is really simple so I can get buy with thrift store clothes and super clearance finds. It's a little more difficult for the boys because they grow fast and boys clothes are often too worn out to make it to a thrift store. We do find things though and often cut off jeans to make shorts. I'm planning to start making more of my own things in the future.
  3. Makeup - Again a recent transition, but since I no longer wear makeup I no longer have to purchase any. 
  4. Soda/Juice - Now that I've kicked my soda habit we very rarely purchase these items. Once in a while we'll grab a bottle of something, but it is really rare now.
  5. Cleaning Products - Technically this is brand new. I have a pretty big supply of some eco-friendly cleaners but once they are gone I won't be buying more. I'll be using vinegar, baking soda, etc.
  6. Cards - We don't do a lot of cards (something I want to change) but when we need one I let the boys make them. They enjoy it and we already have everything we need.
  7. Cable (sort of) - I want internet at home and get it through the cable company. The require their most basic TV plan (at least they did, I should check if that is still the case) to get internet so we have that. We do have Netflix but it's cheap and eliminates the need for higher channels. 
  8. Salon Services - This one is reaching a bit too. I do pay for haircuts and waxing, and I'm happy to do it. Sometimes you have to recognize areas where it pays to spend money! But, I don't tan, get manicures (had one once when I had a gift certificate) or pedicures. I can do all of that (except tan, I'm proud to be pasty) at home. About half the time the boys dad will cut their hair so paid cuts for them are sporadic.
  9. My Weight Watchers Membership - Not something everyone needs or has to be sure, but once I made goal I went to work for the company. While it may not be something you do, there may be something you want that you could trade services for or work for in order to use the service free.
  10. Feminine Hygiene Products - Sorry guys, but this is an easy way to eliminate spending. Personally I just hate dealing with it and the fewer periods a woman has the lower her risk of cancer so I just stay on birth control that doesn't contain the sugar pills. Alternatively you could purchase a Diva Cup one time and not have to worry about this purchase again.

So what do you NOT spend money on?

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