Sunday, May 27, 2012

So I'll Probably Never Be a True Minimalist

I mentioned that after my major purge I still feel like there is too much stuff in my house. I've gone through a second time in most rooms now and a decent amount is going out again, but there is still a lot left. It's taught me that I'm probably never going to be one of the minimalists that I envy or live in a teeny tiny house. I just have too much I can't or don't want to part with. I know part of this is that I have two small kids, but I also have personal hang-ups with stuff.

Let's take my shoes. I went through them this evening determined to cut the number down a lot. Even after the purge I still have fifty pairs :( Talk about consumerism! Now to defend this just a little bit, I have a ton of flip flops and some people don't even consider those when they count. I also have several pairs of tennis shoes for my workouts and since I worked in a gym. I like to keep tennis shoes that are past their workout prime for getting muddy or dirty outside. But the rest are purely because I love shoes...mostly high heels. I don't wear them often anymore because they're ruining my feet, but I like to take them out once in a while.

My other issue is books. There are no words for my addiction to books. They're stuck everywhere they can be stuck in my house and I won't part with them unless I hated them. I'm pretty OK with this addiction though. There are far worse things.

So, I may never live in a tiny house, but I've pared down enough now that I know what I have. I won't buy more simply because I forgot that I already own one (maybe with the exception of books). My new job doesn't require me to dress up so my clothing is adequate and I don't need to buy anything more in that area until it's worn out. I plan to use up what we have, upcycle or recycle when we can and just be more conscious overall. I also plan to totally avoid the new shoe boutique that just opened downtown even though I love supporting the local economy!

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