Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spending Updates

I haven't updated the spending for a few days so I'll just run down the past few days quickly. I got behind on writing it all down, so I can't remember the exact breakdown of everything.

Thursday I spent $15.04 on gas because once again I hadn't made it to the place I wanted to get gas.

Friday was a bigger spending day. I spent $26.93 at Target. My purchases here were not typical, but they will become typical. I bought some Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, Borax, bar soap, baking soda...oh and bananas. The bananas were not connected. I plan to use these things to make my own liquid dish soap and detergent. I will keep you updated on those projects. I also spent $50.73 at Martins for some groceries.

Today I spent $30 on gas and $6.52 at a little bulk foods store. Only one of the three things I purchased there was necessary. I needed flax meal, but I didn't need the candy or spicy snacks! I also spent $10 at the farmer's market on bread and mint.

So it has been a pricey few days. Monday is payday so a whole lot more will be spent on bills :(

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  1. Forgot to include the purchase I made at Michaels. I bought some buttons and essential oil.