Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Living in a Commune

I love to pick on my mother about my name. I tell people that she named me after a cult leader's wife and it makes her nuts. But she sort of did. I was named after Emmy Arnold who was the wife of Eberhard Arnold who founded The Society of Brothers. They still exist under a different name today and still live communally.

I remember once as a child my parents considered the idea of us going to live there. At the time I was pretty glad they didn't do it, but now the idea doesn't sound totally nuts. I mean I wouldn't want to live in a religious commune because that really would feel like a cult to me, but I like the idea of a "village". One of my "internet friends" had a really horrible experience today and she could have really used a village to help her through it. I also have lots of other friends (married and single) that could use the support of others around them. I know it sounds odd in today's society, but I like the idea of living close to a lot of people I care about and us all working together to help each other survive and thrive.

So who's up for creating a commune?

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