Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yesterday's Spending and Caffeine Withdraw

I was so worn out when I got home from work last night that I didn't post an update on the day's spending.

$50 - Field trip for oldest child
$5 - Field trip for youngest child
$10 - Gas

So I'm sure you're wondering where my oldest child is going that costs $50. It is to the National Zoo in DC and that cost is for both of us to go. We are packing our own lunch for the trip even though it is a pain carrying it around the entire time, but I'm sure he will want a souvenir and I remember how much I enjoyed that as a child so I'd rather spend the money on that.

The $5 field trip could have been a $3 trip but he wanted to eat lunch at the camp and I can't feed him for $2 so I figured that was a pretty good deal.

I needed more than $10 in gas but I didn't realize that I was so close to empty and I didn't want to fill up at the station that was closest to me because of the price there. So that was day one on my new radical no spending plan. I highly doubt every day will be that easy.

One of the big things I waste money on daily is diet soda. I am totally addicted! Like I wouldn't drink anything else if given the choice. I also tell myself I'll only have one if that's all I buy, but then I end up spending about $1.69 per drink multiple times throughout the day. That can seriously add up! So, as part of this project I am giving them up. I've tried this before and failed, so I'm hoping the money part of it motivates me.

The big problem is, I'm not someone who can wean myself off of them. If I have one I want more. So I have to go cold turkey and that leads to some nasty caffeine withdraw. So, today has been one giant headache! Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

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