Sunday, May 27, 2012


I can now update on my fantastic day that I posted about a few days ago. I have been asked to return to my position as a Technical Writer that I was laid off from when the economy tanked!! I'm so excited about this! Of all of the jobs I've had this one was my favorite by far. The company is fantastic to work for and it really appeals to my nature. I like to write (even boring stuff like this LOL) and I love not having to interact with the public. People always tell me I'm friendly and a "people person" but the truth is, I much prefer being alone or in very small groups. This is especially true in a work environment which is why I've often pursued working from home. I just do a lot better when people aren't breathing down my neck and this job was great for that.

If being unemployed and then under-employed has taught me anything it is that you need multiple income streams. This job is going to allow me to cut back on the additional work that I had to do to keep afloat, but it will provide me with a normal schedule and allow me to pursue things that could bring income without the pressure. I'm hoping to get some stuff up on Etsy and possibly do a little writing. Still trying to finish school too so I'm really excited about a normal schedule. So that is my very happy news and I'm really looking forward to June fourth when I get to go back!

In other news, I know I haven't posted any spending updates. Truth be told, I fell off the tracking wagon, but my last day at my old job is June first and I figure that's a great day to start up again. Fresh month, fresh job and I'm ready to get back to watching my spending as well as my weight (which has been creeping back up) by tracking with WW again.

Life is good!

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