Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Quit Washing My Hair

That should get some attention. Well, I didn't totally quit and hopefully my hairdresser isn't reading this, but I am going to quit using shampoo. In fact I already did...three days ago. I haven't completely lost my mind or crossed over into full fledged hippie, but there are a lot of good reasons not to use shampoo and most people who do it find that their hair has never looked or felt better.

I have always had difficult hair. My hairdresser is a miracle worker and always manages to make it look and feel amazing for a day or two, but then I mess it all up and it feels heavy and gross again. She always asks me if I wash it in gasoline. I promise I don't, but I do think all of the shampoo is building up in between visits. So I quit.

There are lots of different methods and advice out there about going "poo free". Doing a quick Google search I came upon this blog (which I plan to read more of) and her instructions are simple and easy to follow. She also has a little bit about why people are choosing to do this.

I have a feeling that my hairdresser is going to think I've lost my mind when I tell her not to use shampoo on my hair, but I have my fingers crossed that this will heal my hair. I'm pretty freaked out about the possibility of a long transition period, but I hope I'm one of the lucky ones that gets through that quickly. If not, I apologize to those around me.


  1. How's the transition period going?

  2. Thanks for asking! I was thinking of doing an update post because I'm not sure I'm doing things right. So far it isn't gross, but I'm only going every other day before using the baking soda/vinegar wash. It feels a lot better than when I use shampoo though!