Friday, June 1, 2012

The Joy of No Makeup and Boring Hair

I still don't think I'm doing the no shampoo thing right. I don't think I have the "natural" stuff that our hair produces like I should or have been through the transition period. If anyone has done this before and could give me any insight as to what I'm doing wrong that would be so great!

But, I love not fixing my hair every day. It makes a huge difference in the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning. It does feel better too. I need a haircut right now and once I get that I think I'll like it even better. It just feels great not to be damaging it with chemicals and heat anymore. Do I look better? I suspect I look worse, but it isn't really about that.

As for the makeup, I hardly even remember what it was like to put it on every day and my skin is really thanking me. A few breakouts around that time of the month (or when it should be in my case) but that's about it. Feels healthier and cleaner all the time.

The added benefit to this is when you're caught in a massive thunderstorm like I was today you aren't at all concerned about the condition of your hair or if your makeup is running down your face. You can run and laugh with your kids and not check the mirror even once!

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