Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Believe I Am Sick

Seriously, I do have a cold and feel kind of crappy...but that's not what I'm talking about here. I must have something far more serious because something happened to me Sunday that I thought would never happen. I have lost my desire to shop!

For those of you that don't know, I've had another blog for several years where I posted links to good deals on a variety of items. That blog has fallen by the wayside mostly due to my schedule. But, I have always loved a bargain. A clearance sale was like a little piece of heaven and I couldn't turn away from one. If you read this blog through my great purge, you saw all of the stockpiled things that I had from those sales. I was a bargain addict.

Sunday I was faced with the task of going shopping for something rather specific. That task let me into a store filled with clearance beauty products. Normally, I would have been all over that. I would have come home with a bag full and stashed it all away for future use. I picked up one bottle of perfume, put it back down and left the store. It wasn't even hard to do. I had no desire to have any of it. I didn't want to find a place for it, or try to remember to use it when I ran out of whatever I'm currently using. Truth is, I still have a small stash of lotions and sprays just so I don't have to buy more for a while and so I don't feel so guilty about how much I had at one time.

This wasn't the only store having a sale though! Nearly every store in the mall was having a massive clearance sale. I passed each store without even a passing desire to walk in. Admittedly the clothing stores were easy because I weigh more than I'm comfortable with right now and I didn't even want to think about buying clothes, but even if I was in a better place with my weight I still don't think I would have wanted to buy anything.

The only store that kept my attention long was the book store and honestly I don't think that will ever change. I also totally avoided shoe stores because I have a substance abuse problem where they are concerned.

So, either I've come down with a strange illness or I'm really at a place where the only things I want are for us to have just what we need and not much more. I'm good with it.

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