Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still Makeup Free!!

Since I posted about going without makeup several people have shared this story with me.

The Naked Face Project

I love the idea and their reasons behind doing it even if it wasn't my inspiration. I think it is very important to know why you engage in the beauty routines that you do and evaluate why you believe they are necessary. I had a frustrating conversation with someone today about a different (though somewhat related subject) and that's just what I wanted to ask this person. How would you answer if your daughter asked if she needed to do the same thing? I think its an important question.

Now, I am totally loving being makeup free. My skin looks good, no one has run screaming for the hills, and I don't see a noticeable difference in attention from the opposite sex (perhaps there has to be attention before you notice a drop off hmm).

Now as for the rest of the things these women gave up. Shaving, styling their hair, waxing, high heels and jewelry...

Shaving - NEVER going to happen. I simply cannot stand any leg or armpit hair on my body. Even one days growth makes me want to crawl out of my skin. It's not because I think I'm ugly with it, I just hate the way it feels. I have to be really sick not to shave.

Styling my hair - Probably also never going to happen. I don't have fabulous hair styled or unstyled, but if I don't do something with it I look like Alfalfa or Oprah before Andre gets a hold of her. I throw a baseball cap on or put it in a ponytail if I don't have time to do something, but this is just necessary for me to feel good about myself. Sorry.

Waxing - I get the eyebrows and upper lip done every two weeks. The money adds up but I love my hair stylist and again, I just like the way I look when this stuff is managed.

High heels - This is a tough one. I LOVE shoes and especially high heels. I drool over pictures of Manolo's and Jimmy Cho's. I have quite a few pairs of my own and just love having fun with different shoes. But, I could give them up and survive. They're bad for my feet and not something I wear all the time. So, I could give them up, but I don't want to.

Jewelry - This one would be easy. I wear the same earrings and same two rings every day. My mom gave me the earrings and the boys names are on the rings. I have other stuff, but I almost never wear it.

So overall, I think I'm a bit less high maintenance that previously indicated and I'm loving my makeup free existence. Even though my routine was pretty minimal, I feel better without it and I save time. Give it a try!

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