Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Long Week

This was a long week! Normally I have my boys several days throughout the week, but sometimes our schedule gets a little weird due to different things we have going on and one of us ends up with them a little more than normal. This week, my ex had them more and it felt like today was never going to get here! Going almost a week without them gives me serious withdraw. I enjoy having "me time" and I wouldn't change getting my divorce (unless we could have worked miracles), but you can't imagine how hard it is not seeing your kids every day unless you don't. So having them back today was wonderful.

It was a pretty good week in spite of all of that though. I got a lot done, got a lot of workouts in and this coming week is shaping up to be fabulous.

In other news I haven't been doing very well with the decluttering. I did so much work this week that by Friday the house looked like it should have been condemned so I had to clean. I did have the boys go through their books this evening and while they didn't really enjoy the task, I was really happy that this time they were much better about letting some of them go. I have a massive addiction to books and so their collection comes honest, but they actually have time to read their books so we were able to get rid of some they don't plan to read again and a lot that were way outside of their reading level now. The shelves look so great, but I forgot to take pictures!! It will feel so nice to donate those on Monday.

This week I also learned that I am totally obsessed with making felt food (now, if I could find the time) and that I'm really happy being single and think I might just keep it that way for the foreseeable future. Of course, my mind changes rather rapidly, so that could change before my next post.

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