Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bathroom Round Two

The best thing about going through your house to clean it out a second time, is that it goes a lot faster than the first time. You also find that you agonize a lot less over what to keep and what to get rid of.

I started with the bathroom this time because I knew I could do it in a really short period of time and this second round is going to take a lot longer anyway because I just don't have the time to devote to it like I did last time.

So here are the before pictures (yes, please ignore the feminine products)...

Several things to point out here. Under the sink there was a pink bag and a clear box with a blue lid right there in the center. The pink bag housed a bunch of makeup. Some that I wore and some that I didn't. I cleaned out all that I didn't wear and moved the stuff I did to a much smaller bag that you will see in the after pictures. I may want to wear it for special occasions or something. The box contained nail polish. Lots and lots of nail polish. I only polish my toes and usually just use the same color, so most of that got pitched too. I did some some of it, just moved it to another smaller bag. I like to paint my nails at holidays so I kept some of the specialty colors. I couldn't believe how much I had though!!

The box on the top shelf in the closet contains some things I only use for traveling and odds and ends like backup glasses and goggles. Most of that stuff stayed even though I don't travel often. The purple bins contained lots of odds and ends like razors, my sons nebulizer tubing, etc. Under the toilet paper in the closet were two plastic bins. One had sample sizes of shampoo, and other toiletries, and the other had tons of unopened makeup that I'd purchased over the years. All of the makeup went. I did save the samples because they're what I use for traveling. The green bin on the floor of the closet contained what was left of my shampoo, lotion, deodorant stockpile that I didn't get rid of last time. I purged it even more and only kept what I will use. All of it got relocated to the purple bins after I cleaned them out.

So here are the after pictures....

The medicine shelf looks a lot fuller than it really is. Several of the bottles are almost empty and the shelf is pretty deep. We have a lot more towels than we use, but some of the white ones will be going to the rag bag soon and will be replaced with the purple. I still feel like I kept a good bit of stuff, but everything I kept is something I use daily, I just have a lot of backups. So, I won't be buying any more until I've worked my way through those backups. Good thing is that now I can tell what I have. I will not purchase any more lotion, perfume, or nail polish until what I have is gone.

My original plan was to have a yard sale. I could use the money, but then I remembered that my ex has our kids scheduled every Saturday from now until May so I just won't have the time. My mom works with a ton of women, I think I'm going to let her go through it first to see if she wants anything, then take the rest in for them. It's all brand new!


  1. I'm really surprised you don't use a Diva Cup! I am LOL at the pregnancy test.

  2. LOL I remembered that after I posted the picture, and thought no one would notice! It had been in there so long I suspect if those expire it had! I kept that and some ancient pain meds from a kidney stone. It was like superstition or something. I thought if I got rid of them I'd need it!

    As for the Diva Cup, it's sitting on the shelf in the after picture. I just bought it and was going to write a post about it, but I couldn't figure the damn thing out!!