Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Need a Bike

This picture was shared on Facebook a number of times recently over the rising gas prices. It's true, buying gas really sucks right now. Bad enough that I've decided I need a bike. That's not the only reason honestly. I've needed one for some time, but I'm scared.

I work pretty close to home some days and could run a lot of errands on a bike. I'd still need a car due to the distance I have to travel to get the boys to school, but I know I could cut my gas bill a lot if I had a bike. Plus the boys want to go on bike rides with me and its good exercise.

Here's the issue though. I was never much of a bike rider as a child and I sort of forget how. I know they say you never forget, but I do. So the idea of riding on the road makes me really nervous. In addition, the only bike I've ever owned was purchased for me by someone else, so I don't have the first clue about how to pick a bike or how much to spend.

So before I go trotting off to SBC please tell me how not to look like a moron.

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