Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I did some shopping today at stores I NEVER go to. I'm a huge bargain hunter and these are bargain stores, but they are just out of my way.

First up was Sharp Shopper which tons of people I know swear by. I got some good stuff, but I'm still not all that impressed. I buy a lot of the same things, so I know what I pay for them and I can get a lot of the same things cheaper other places. I did find canned fruit in its own juice which is hard to find. Some organic applesauce, and Bare Naked granola for only $1.99! I also got a huge bag of frozen organic green beans for $2.99. Nothing spectacular, but not too bad either.

Then to Goodwill. I'm always hoping to find treasures here, but I always just find junk. Did get two books.

Next was Ollie's. Again, I'm not impressed, but got some organic tea for my tea loving son, a book and a pizza cutter.

Finally it was Save & Prosper. There are two in town and this one was by Ollie's. Total DUMP! I did get some tea, but I'll never go back.

I was very careful while shopping to look at the labels. I was remembering Michael Pollan talking about the number of ingredients on a label. Most of the things I bought had two to three things at most. This morning I cleaned out the freezer and gave my mom a bunch of frozen fish. She's not going to jump on my veg bandwagon, so the food shouldn't go to waste. Tomorrow is trash day and some other stuff is going to go to the dump. No one needs Crunch n' Munch so it's going.

So not a total waste of my time, but not a terribly exciting way to spend my last day as a 29-year-old.

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