Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It's amazing how much a job contributes to your productivity during the day. I certainly didn't miss working, but having a job helped me keep track of my days of the week and schedule errands. Without a job I tend to waste a lot of time. Even with my classes, I still waste too much time. I'm working part-time as a merchandiser for American Greetings. I'm the person who puts all the cards in the displays, and now I get even more irritated when I see cards in the wrong spot! So, try to put them back in the right place when you are looking at them!

Anyway, it's a good job and I'm really enjoying it because I work alone and the schedule is flexible. It also really helps me keep track of my day. Today I managed to work at Wal-Mart, go for a run with my friend Diane, get a haircut, work at Dollar Tree, stop at two stores, and still get my kids on time. Normally I'd have spent half the day on Facebook, hung out the other half at JDI, and then picked up my kids. Now, I still enjoy that type of day, but days like today make me feel more productive. They also get me prepared for all the school work I'm getting ready to jump back into!

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  1. Yeah, I totally need a job. Well, one that makes me leave the house and get off the computer. Totally.