Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Damn Doctor

He didn't say a word about my weight loss. But, the nurse mentioned it, so I still paid them,

I had to run over to Books-A-Million (which should not be named that because it makes me want to buy a million books) to pick up a book for classes. After getting my book I decided to walk around the mall a little because I hadn't been there in a while. The whole time I was trying to keep my pants from falling down and making me look like a plumber. These were pants that had just been moved into the "they finally fit" pile and now they are too big. So I stopped into the Gap outlet and found four pairs that were cheap enough that they won't bother me to get rid of when I can't wear them anymore. All were a smaller size than I've seen in a while, and when taking two of them off the rack I told myself they were never going to fit. But they did!!!!


  1. Hey you! Welcome back to Blogland! Can I tell you, I just spent about 3 minutes trying to wipe these marks off off the righthand side of my computer screen... until I figured out they were part of your background. D'oh! (Now you know who's the smarter of our duo, eh? ;)

  2. Hehe! Maybe I should change the background?