Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have issues with hair. I know how that sounds. But I have issues with hair. This is generally limited to MY hair, but every now and then I get a bit obsessed with someone else's hair too...or lack thereof. Like if I see a woman who shaves her eyebrows and then draws them back on with a pencil, I get a little nuts.

But, I'm always a little nuts about my own hair. I am one of the few women in the world who must shave her legs every day. I just can't not do it. I didn't today because of how fast I needed to get out of the house and it has bothered me ALL day!

This isn't limited to leg hair. I'm obsessed with the hair on my head too. If you know me, you know I don't have great hair. But, if you've known me since I was very young then you know what I have now is a HUGE improvement over what I used to have. If you are my hairstylist....then you really know! I have had some really bad hairstyles, but we've all had those. The problem with my hair is the texture. It's like a horse's main. It's awful and it sucks up any products that are put into it. My hairstylist is the only person who can make it feel normal and not like I've poured gasoline on it. Lucky for me, it stays feeling pretty good for a while after a visit to see her. This woman is literally the only person I trust with my hair. She's also the only person I will ever allow near my eyebrows. Once, she tried to quit doing hair and I almost had to be checked into a hospital!

I know I'm rambling, but there is a a point. I got my hair cut today and bought some new shampoo while at the salon. Now, if you know me, then you know that I'm a huge bargain hunter and that I refuse to pay full price for most things. So why would I pay $27 for a bottle of shampoo? Because it works! There isn't a reasonably priced product out there that I haven't tried. Lots of people can use things like Pantene or Suave and their hair looks great. Mine does not. I pay a LOT of money to have my hair taken care of and it is worth every dime! There are a lot of things that I will give up, but my hairstylist and products (really I only use shampoo) are not among those things!


  1. OK, I'll warn you now... if you ever see me raise my pant leg to scratch my shin, LOOK AWAY!! If it's not June-August or I'm not dating someone, I have to confess to being woefully neglectful about the whole shaving thing. I don't have big issues with hair (obviously). But that eyebrow thing? Yeah, wigs me out a little, too. No pun intended... heh heh.

  2. I still remember Field Day our junior year and how you got either shaving cream or whipped cream all over your head. You were going to look for prom dresses that afternoon, so we had to wash your hair out in the Ag sink -- that was a bad hair day!!!

    I also think that you should post a picture of your super short hair from middle school - just for kicks :)