Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That Feeling Is Back

I wonder just how much stuff I will get rid of before I feel totally "decluttered". Even after two major purges of my house, I'm starting to feel like the stuff is closing in again. Three things are currently bothering me, my closet, our DVD's, and my books (sort of). I posted about the closet the other day when talking about Project 333. I hope to tackle that in the near future. It's been freaking me out just a little because despite the fact that I only wear a fraction of what I own, I still feel like I should have it all around. The one good thing is that the rules of the project do say that you can replace things if necessary. I'm attempting to lose weight and have a bunch of clothes in the size I was wearing, so hopefully I'll be able to swap them out. Our DVD's are really stuck in my head right now. We have a ton of them for the kids, and a fair number for me. I could easily get rid of mine, but I feel a little guilty getting rid of the boys. The last time we went through the house I asked them to sort through them, but they were only willing to part with two. Since the beginning of my first major purge we have watched only two of their DVD's so there is really no reason to keep them. I still can't make myself go through them though. Now for my books. I've pretty much refused to get rid of any of my books unless I have doubles from thrift store shopping. I like keeping books I have really enjoyed so I can loan them to people (and I do). But there really is no reason to hold on to the ones that I liked, but probably wouldn't end up loaning to anyone. So, there is no reason to keep them other than just because I love them. But they take up space and I know I'm not going to read them a second time, so I should part with them. So there it is. What I'll do about these things is yet to be determined, but I know they'll drive me crazy to the point of taking some action soon. I'll let you know.

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