Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Skinny Rules Day 1

Day one of my Skinny Rules attempt isn't going to be perfect. I had zero food in the house so I made a very long trip to the store last night. I was tired and had a splitting headache, so by the time I got home and got everything put away I didn't have it in me to do very much preparation. So, hopefully the days to come will be better.

To start the morning I did end up eating two small muffins that I made with cake mix and canned pumpkin. On WW they are low points so I didn't feel horrible about this choice, but I'm going to need an alternative pre-gym snack. I get up at 4:30 to go to the gym and I need something on my stomach to get through my workout, but I can't eat breakfast at that time. So, I'll find something better to replace this with.

Morning workout

30 minute Fat Burner program on the step-mill

45 minute back and biceps


1 cup of strawberries (Rule #6)

1 piece of Ezekial bread with no salt butter - He doesn't talk about condiments, and this was all I had in the house. Again, I'll find a better alternative.

Omelet with one whole egg, three egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, and a tiny bit of mozzarella cheese (Rule #3)

Normally, by 10:00 I'm ready to eat anything that was within reach, but I was feeling good. In fact, I didn't feel like I needed the mid-morning snack that he suggested, but because I'm doing this the way he said and because I did have such a hard workout this morning I'm going to do it anyway.

Mid-Morning Power Snack

2% string cheese (not exactly what he suggests, but close)

1 cup blackberries


1 Morningstar Grillers burger on whole wheat flat bread (In the future I hope to make my own to control more of what is in them, but I was in a hurry)

Large salad with black beans, cucumbers, red peppers, onions, tofu cubes, and a few croutons. Bought this at the co-op and used a locally made dressing that probably isn't the best for me.

A few pieces of dark chocolate. This will not be repeated once it is gone. He wants us to kick the sugar habit for good, and I know it needs to be done. I'm just savoring these last few pieces. 

Mid-Afternoon Power Snack

1 piece of 2% mozzarella string cheese

A few blackberries and half an apple. My apple was awful, so I pitched the rest. Not a huge fan of apples, but I know I need to buy organic because I could taste the damn chemicals.

Around 1:30 I thought I was hungry, but I realize I was just frustrated with my project at work. Around 2:30 I actually did feel hungry so I had my snack. I plan to have some greek yogurt before I leave work because I'm going back to the gym and if I don't, I'll be so hungry when I'm done that I'll overeat after my workout.

Evening Workout

30 minute Fat Burner program on stepmill


Mixed veggies with Morningstar "chicken" strips with the spices that he suggests in his stir fry recipe. He lets you add quinoa for lunch so I'm going to try that.

I did cheat a little this evening and I had two of my little muffins. There are only two left so that will be the last of my sugar. Then I should really be fun to be around for a few days.

Overall, I would say that I felt better today than I have in a while. I never really got hungry and everything was satisfying. I kept track of everything in Lose It and I was a few hundred calories under, but I suspect that since I guessed on the muffins calories I was probably just about right. Looking forward to trying again tomorrow!

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