Thursday, December 27, 2012


I don't like to make New Year's resolutions because I feel they kind of set you up for failure. But I love a new year. I don't love how it means I'm getting older or that my kids will soon be grown and leaving me, but I love the feeling of starting over. In my last long post about my weight I'm sure my frustration showed. After that post I sort of went all to hell and began eating everything around me. Fat lot of good that did (pun intended). I've gained weight, feel awful physically and emotionally, and overall just feel like I suck.

Christmas day I felt an overwhelming desire to buy the new book by Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchoff, called Weight Loss Boss. So much so, that I finally caved and spent ten bucks on the Kindle version which I never do. Yes, it is heavy on the WW lingo, but I think it truly is a book everyone on a weight loss journey could get something out of. I'm not finished with it yet, but so far the biggest thing I have gained from it is remembering how I felt when I started. Something about his writing style just makes it all so obvious again. The fact that he admits that it took him nine years to reach goal and even though he has maintained that for three years, he knows he can't ever quit being aware.

So between that and a video he posted on his blog Man Meets Scale my motivation is renewed. It isn't a resolution, but 2012 will be the last year where I feel this bad about myself.

Weight Loss Boss: How to Finally Win at Losing--and Take Charge in an Out-of-Control Food World

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