Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thursday is Going to Be Rough!

It's a darn good thing that my weight has already been submitted for this month to keep me in my job because this has been one rough week of eating. It was my birthday so I did splurge a little, but I didn't eat anything crazy. To be honest, I've eaten really well this week, but I've just eaten a ton of food and I know I'm up in weight! It will be OK though. That's the best thing about Weight Watchers, you just go back to doing what you know you need to do and it all turns out fine!

My main goal right now when it comes to the weight loss is to get off of diet soda! I told myself I would wait until I was at goal to stop drinking it. I wanted to tackle one thing at a time. Well, now I'm at goal and still want to lose about fifteen more pounds and I know if I quit drinking the diet soda and switch to water I'll get there. I've also noticed that when I drink caffeine I get heart palpitations so I know it is really time to quit. But, I know it's going to suck so I'm dreading it!

Also I realized the other day that it has been a year since I became a vegetarian! It's been a year of trying a lot of new things that's for sure! It's also been a lot of adjustment when it comes to eating out or traveling very far from home. I'm still not as adventurous as I'd like, but I've come to love a fair number of new things. We learned at Thanksgiving that we love Tofurky in this house. I find eating out to be really challenging though and that sort of surprises me. I expected chain restaurants to be easy and local places to be difficult. I found it to be quite the opposite! Some chains don't even have anything that you can remove the meat from and still have an edible meal! I don't expect restaurants to cater to my diet, but I'm sort of shocked that there isn't at least one non-salad vegetarian option. In fact, most of the salads are covered in meat. I took my first trip a few hours away from home a few weeks back (I don't travel much) and didn't take a lot of food with me. Trying to find a quick place to stop where I knew I would be able to eat was a challenge. But, I'm learning and it's getting easier.

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