Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA

You know how it goes. You get busy, you get behind on posting and then you feel like it's been too long. But here I am anyway, and here's just a mismash of what's been going on.

My semester is over and it didn't go very well (at least by my standards). I had five classes and one of them was a bear! It's a two part course, the second part will be in the fall, and it took up all my time. I managed to get a B in that class, an A in my psych lab and a C+ in another English class. I had two other English classes and didn't manage to get any of the work completed. One of the two professors offered to give me a passing withdraw which means I can take it again without if impacting my GPA this semester (YAY)! The other offered me an extension if I turned in one paper. I really wanted to do that because it's so much cheaper, but I just didn't have the money for the cost of the extension of enough of the reading done to get a good paper finished. I expect that professor to fail me and I totally understand that. It will be my first ever F though and that will be rough. I'll be taking it again in the fall either way.

Things are still going well on the vegetarian front. I still don't miss meat at all and have been finding some great new meals. I'm still not totally there on the vegan thing. I'm almost there but sour cream and laughing cow cheese are tripping me up. I've found vegan sour cream, cream cheese, and butter but the points are so high on Weight Watchers that they aren't worth it.

Speaking of WW I'm doing OK but I could be doing so much better. I've lost 39 pounds so far and it feels amazing, but I've been slacking the past few weeks. This week has been horrible, I've been eating like crazy and I expect a gain at the meeting on Thursday. I'll get back on track, but I feel like crap right now and I just want to eat. WW is a lifestyle and not a diet though. I won't beat myself up about it anymore!

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