Saturday, December 31, 2011

Endings and Beginnings

So it is New Year's Eve and we are counting down to the first moments of 2012. I don't make resolutions really, but I do reflect on the passing year and try come up with some ideas for making the next year a good one.

2011 started pretty good and I had a lot of things in mind that I wanted to do. Some of them I accomplished. I became a Weight Watchers leader which was something I really wanted to do and since then I have found a job working in a gym to further my passion for helping people become healthy. My kids are healthy and happy and I have a lot to be thankful for.

A lot of really crappy stuff happened too however. It really wasn't what I would consider a banner year in my life. Things were pretty tough financially and I've gone through some stuff that I might share in a later post. I'm trying to focus on the good things, and move past the bad.

Today also marked the end of a huge part of my life. For about 29 years I've spent a large portion of my time at a restaurant owned by a man I consider to be my father. This place is like Cheers without the alcohol. Everyone knows you're name and you always have friends there. I went to homecomings and proms from there. I celebrated birthdays and graduations. I brought my babies there right out of the hospital, and celebrated their birthdays. The owner, Jim, walked me down the aisle when I got married. There are endless memories associated with this restaurant and today it closed its door after 34 years. Jim is retiring and deserves it more than anyone I know. I'll still see him regularly, but losing this home away from home has hit me incredibly hard.

So while I am really looking forward to a fresh start in 2012, I am still wondering how this void will be filled.

I hope all of you have a wonderful 2012 filled with peace and happiness!

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