Monday, November 29, 2010

Woo Hoo Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers has once again proven why they are the leaders in the healthy weight industry with their new program! Points Plus was unveiled today and I attended an extra meeting just to get the scoop and get going! There couldn't be a better plan for someone who is a vegetarian! Why there is a focus on getting more protein it doesn't do what I feared and make you have more than you really need. Let's face it, the standard American diet has too much protein already. The very best part about the new plan is that now all fruits and nearly all vegetables are free!!!! What more could a veggie ask for? In just my first day on the new plan I can already tell I will be far more satisfied and hopefully I will kick the rest of this weight. Shockingly I weighed in the day after Thanksgiving and saw a .6 gain, but when I weighed in today I was down 1.8! That makes me 5.2 pounds from goal and I trust Points Plus to get me the rest of the way there in no time!

I got some good news about one of my classes that I'm struggling in and I got my Christmas decorations drug out of the closet and got the closet organized. With the exception of some unpleasant news in the evening I had a really great day.

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